Moving my blogs to SteemIt

Over the next few weeks I will be migrating all my blogs, including this Engineer Diet blog to SteemIt.  I’ll be removing my blog posts here, and those post I feel are still valuable, I will re-post them on SteemIt.

Currently I am blogging on three distinct subjects:

  • Diet and workout from an engineering perspective (this blog)
  • Information security, crypto and computer forensics.
  • Speculative fiction.

You should be able to find my posts for each of these 3 subjects  here in the near future .

The reasons why I am migrating my three blogs are:

  • I’ve been planning to move my WordPress blog to  my C.H.I.P, but WordPress isn’t really that suitable for running on a small ARM board.
  • I’m a big block-chain fan.
  • Maintaining three different blogs started to make me feel like a schizophrenic.
  • As I want to make any book I self-publish, free of charge, it is great that steemit allows me to collect some revenues from my blog posts, that I could use to pay for cover art and editing.

I hope to make my move to SteemIt as seamless as possible. Keeping this site up for a number of months while removing post that I found to not having ripened too well, and replacing other posts by links to SteemIt.  In about six months I’ll be replacing this site with an URL forwarder for my SteemIt blog, hopefully without braking too much. If you followed my blog here, please follow me on SteemIt and if you like my posts, help me by up voting them.



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